Monday, July 23, 2012

Paid Viewpoint: 2012 Review

About Paid ViewPoint 

PaidViewpoint is somewhat new to me. I just got an account about a month ago.. and I like it. I like it alot. This is a different breed of survey site. Everything from the user interface, to the pay out amount, to the prize winning system speaks nothing but innovation.


Theres two main features of PaidViewpoint which are the Trait score, and PredictionMatch. The trait score is not actual earnings but it does effect your payout so listen up.What Paid Viewpoint does with the trait score is it that asks you particular questions that are 'remembered' the entire time your account is active. It will then ask you these same questions in later surveys..when you completely forgot what your initial answers were. If your answers match up, then your trait score will increase by 100 points or higher. If your answers don't match to whats in your history, then you will receive the minimum payout for the survey, and you will not receive trait score points. When you show consistence in your answers you receive more Trait score points per survey. The max points you can receive is 9000 traitscore points, and once you've reached the max you will begin to make more money per answer during the surveys. Right now for me the average payout per answer is $0.02. All of the surveys I have completed are short and sweet, but I haven't been paid more than $0.89 for an entire survey to date. But I am liking this site just because it's different than all the others, and another thing... there are no screen outs. All of the surveys I have done up to this point are internal to the site, I have not seen any third party surveys, so you get paid immediately every time.

Below has a screenshot of what to expect once you sign up  for an account.  Once you log in you will see the dashboard as shown. The site uses a dock style user interface which is the first I've seen done on a survey site. And it's done pretty well.  It's neat and very organized so you won't waste time trying to learn how to navigate a new website. If I got more surveys this would be my favorite site.

The second feature to catch my attention was Prediction Match. Prediction Match requires members to link their favorite social networking account in order to participate. You win cash prizes for completing surveys among other Prediction Match members. The money won is not combined with your Paid Viewpoint amount. There is no minimum cash out from Prediction Match; paid thru pay pal.

Pay Out

The minimim payout amount in $15.00. Payable thru pay pal payments to your pay pal account. Prediction Match has no minimum payout amount.

Referral Program

They pay up to $25 per referral. One time payment.

Bottom Line

I don't know how big a moneymaker this site is at this point, so I can't give it a fair rating..but I do like the site and the idea. The surveys are interesting, and one of Paidviewpoint principles is to never screenout a member if they have been invited to a survey. No screen outs.  

Good Luck!


  1. just want to let everyone know that this is the second time i cashed out with paid viewpoint they are a excellent survey company and they do pay you!!! (paidviewpoint is not a get rich site)
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  2. thanks for the info i wil definitely try it

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